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(Previously ‘Azari Chiropractics’)

We are a husband and wife team of chiropractors who have been working in Mount Waverley since 1995. What sets us apart from some other practitioners is that we focus on you, your best interest, your particular condition, and how we can best help you, by tailoring our treatment approach to your needs. This means that we do not treat medical conditions that we have no expertise in such as autism or diabetes. We focus on diagnosing and treating back pain, neck pain and headaches since that is the core of our knowledge, training, and experience.

If you have spinal pain or frequent headaches, there is a very good chance that we can help you. We carefully assess your condition and use the safest, and most effective evidence-based methods of treatment. We also routinely teach you how to help yourself by doing specific exercises, improving your posture, or modifying your daily activities. In addition to spinal pain, we also treat other musculoskeletal conditions like shoulder pain, tennis elbow or knee pain due to arthritis.

Being a part of a large multi-disciplinary medical centre, we commonly work with doctors and other health professionals to deliver the best possible outcomes for you.

Meet Our Team

  • Karen

    Dr. Karen Azari

       32 years experience

    Karen has a special interest in muscle injuries and uses gentle techniques…

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  • Michael

    Dr. Michael Azari

       30 years experience

    Michael has a special interest in headaches, especially migraine, as well as spinal pain…

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We are located inside the premises of Anytime Healthcare: a large medical super-clinic. We have an effective working relationship with the doctors and other health professionals in the clinic and this always works to the benefit of our patients.